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istorfon2"In one’s life here is nothing better than his own experience"
(Walter Scott)

"Experience is stronger than any crisis"
(Accent Studio)

The Accent Studio was established in 1993. At the early stage the Studio was engaged in production of their own programs (TV-shows) such as 'Club Adrenalin' (Russia Channel), Gonki na vyzhivaniye/Survival Races (Russia Channel), Brand Master (M1 Channel). At the same time the Studio started to cooperate with the 'Maski' Creative Association/The Masks to produce TV-shows Maski Show and 'Kalambur/The Pun', which soon became national hits.

The Studio's distinctive features have always been professionalism, creativity and strict observation of quality control standards and deadlines. This is what attracted attention of the biggest cinema and TV-companies. In 1998 by the request of Cinebridge Company the Accent Studio started to work upon TV-series 'Prostye istiny/The simple Truths'. At the same time the creative department of the Studio was maintaining translation and post scoring for worldwide famous channels such as Discovery, Animal Planet, Romantica, Hallmark, Reality and Entertainment.

Today the Accent Studio is one of the most up-to-date studios in Moscow and accomplishes the full cycle of Production and Postproduction services including providing sound and camera equipment, specific transport for a shooting lot. Video editing, color correction, initial and terminal subtitles elaboration and production, shots clearing (cables, safety halyards, microphones in shot etc.), computer graphics. Sound works are performed in these formats: MONO, STEREO, Dolby digital surround EX.

Since 2000 the Accent Studio has been working with sound production in Dolby digital 5.1format, the TV-series ‘Slepoy-1' became the first Studio's achievement in this particular format. Later the employment of Dolby digital 5.1 formatfor TV-series production became the key trend for many Russian cinema and TV-companies.

At the production facilities of the Studio we maintain audio post dubbing including recording of synchronous noises in specially equipped pavilions, SOUND DESIGN with employment of libraries including those of the Studio's own production. Today the Accent Studio possesses Dolby digital surround EX cinema hall and 20 recording rooms for sound и video editing.

In 2010 the Studio obtained DOLBY Laboratories Inc Certificate for sound production and dubbing in Dolby Digital Surround EX format. The quality of the materials is constantly monitoredto meet all the TV and cinema standards by to Studio's own Technical quality control department.

The Studio maintains cinema and TV-production at the same location, which is one of the major advantages in the Studio’s work. It allows addressvarious creative and technical challenges shortly and to support high quality.

The Studio has their own sets of shooting machinery for the following formats: HD, HDV, Digital Betacam, DV Cam. Availability of all the required equipment and highly qualified personnel the Studio are to provide recording ‘raw' and ‘pure' sound.

The Accent Studio disposes of transport equipment that is necessary at any shooting lot.
Another important aspect in the Accent Studio activities is language adaptation of TV and cinema products, including arranging, dubbing and subtitling for such broadcasting companies as ORT, RTR, NTV, STS, TNT, and a number of satellite channels. *

Today the Accent Studio disposes of up-to-date technical facilitiesthat allow accomplishes various complicate tasks for cinema and video production. This was highly estimated by numerousRussian and foreign cinema and TV-companies which later became competent Partners of the Studio. With a wealth of experience, by constantly renewing its' technical resources, the Accent Studio is always open for dialogue with those who values creative work, professionalism, and reasonable combination of price and quality.